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Saturday, January 16, 2016

More stuff...................

How much more can I fit in this house?. I can't resist, we took two of the poodles to the groomers and so I just had to stop in at the thrift. YES they had stuff. I was hoping not, but they did.
Teapots. I found two teapots.
 photo 103_2368_zps2nnubzqw.jpg
I love this small one. I do have one simular to this but this one is in better condition. At some point I will sell some off and just keep the best. In a year or two, when we get this house in shape we will sell the house and downsize.
 photo 103_2375_zpsunukjptw.jpg
I will just keep the good stuff. I again found crystal. Crystal in the form of canisters. I got one with no lid and that I am using with another lidless one to put my colouring pencils in. I can keep them on the coffee table where they are handy.
 photo 103_2371_zpsta3iv3fd.jpg
The other two are now holding buttons. Now I have most of my buttons in glass canisters or jars. Again, I can keep them in view as part of my decor.
 photo 103_2370_zpskhledlwe.jpg
 photo 103_2372_zpsrnsu4pq7.jpg
I think I have said a million times that I love glass/crystal. I found this heart shape box, and I don't yet have a use for this one so for now it sits on the coffee table. I am sure I can find some use for it. All my craft stuff needs to be where I can get to it. For one thing so that I can remember I have it.
 photo 103_2373_zpstltcmdh9.jpg
It can also be two dishes
 photo 103_2374_zps5cwahahe.jpg
Oh I just had to have this frog. I have one simular to this (mine is better but still)
 photo 103_2369_zpsvkruepwd.jpg
Oh and I got a book
 photo 103_2378_zpssp8nt9yr.jpg
I am planning on having a sale in the Spring. I know, I said that last year. Well when I am in the mood I will go through all my boxes, unpack price and repack ready for Spring. I can swap out things I have around here and replace. I will enjoy reorganizing stuff.My problem is I do so hate to get rid of things. It will take discipline. I will be able to use some of the stuff to make garden things so they are still around. I brought all the chickens inside and like them so they will stay inside next year.


  1. Great finds, Janice. I know how hard it is to part with the treasures we find. I even have a hard time using some of the vases I find for the the flowers I sell, LOL!

    I have trouble too.

  3. Amazing finds again! Love the heart dish! I love hearts! Oh and that frog! Too cute! We are closing almost all of our Goodwill stores in Ontario Canada! It is so sad! I hope someone helps them out! It was announced 2 days ago! It is hard to part with things, but it is also cleansing too!


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