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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chili for a cold day.......

Today Chili just seemed right. It was raining all day and freezing. Turned later to very wet snow. Chili is one of my comfort foods.
I suppose we all have our own way of making it. I like a few different beans in mine and will use anything from black beans, baked beans, red beans, chili beans, white northern beans........whatever I have in the cupboard.
Today I chose a selection of things I had on hand.

I start with meat, I use ground beef. Never use hamburgher its all fat. Use the good stuff and use less to keep the price down. Why pour half of it down the sink in fat just to pay less.?
When that is cooked I drain it if I need to but usually don't have to. I first add a can of diced tomatoes and a can of diced tomatoe with chili peppers.
I then add the beans, undrained. I like baked beans to offset the spices, you need a little sweetness when using Cumin. Add however many you want to add. In this batch I used white beans, and only used 1/2 the bottle. I large can of chilli beans (because I had them) Red beans and a small can of baked beans.
The spices I like are chili, cumin, dried red peppers and sea salt, to this batch I added onion and garlic salt. This is how it looks so far
After its cooked for awhile I add the chopped onions so that they stay crunchy


I also added red pepper flakes


You can see I just threw a palm full in this time as my granddaughter does not like it too hot. The nice thing with this chili is you can eat it right away or cook it all day to better blend the flavours. I might add that I do not measure anything. I go by taste alone.
The end result is a chili that you can add more to make it hot or leave it mild for the family. It depends on the spices you usee. Keep stirring it and cook all day if you want to do it in a slow cooker. Tomorrow it will be even better than today.

Top with grated cheese or more chopped onions .......or crackers.


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