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Friday, January 18, 2013

old pictures............

This is a picture I did a long time ago. An English Robin. Its done on a regular piece of paper with a box of kids water colour paints.


OK so I have no idea what the heck I was doing here. This in my art journal

This one I did in a class, I didn't like the one the instructor did. He painted in a black background. I prefered my own and I actually like this one. I don't usually like things that I do


This is a picture I did of Betsy Lighthouse. A local lighthouse. While I can see a lot I did wrong, I also can say that I like the overall effect. I could probably do it better if I did it again. I may do that someday.


Something a bit different.......this is a mini quilt that I did. Its got tiny buttons of each was fun to do.


This I made for my youngest granddaughter Reina. I had not done sewing for awhile and this was fun to do.


...and a bear to go with it. I may have shown this before when I first started the blog but its so cute I had to show it again

All for now


  1. wow you are definitely multi talented, loving everything especially the paintings, so gorgeous. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. What lovely paintings! I don't have a lot of success with watercolors - I do like they way they look when it does work for me. You've done a great job! And the bear is super cute! Love it.

  3. So many beautiful things in one them all! Happy PPF!

  4. Beautiful paintings and love your other works too, very pretty! Happy Paint Party Friday! :)

  5. Golly Pete, you are really so talented! I love, love, love the geraniums. It could be sitting on my window sill and couldn't be any more real. Beautiful work, all of it.

  6. Very creative and busy you are!!! I love the bear! Everything is beautiful!

  7. You are so incredibly talented and creative. Thank you for sharing your delightful pictures.

    Hugs to you,

  8. Your paintings are marvelous! Anytime I try to paint a bird, it winds up terribly fat. lol I can't help myself!!!

    Have a happy Sunday!

  9. lots of talents abound here! Your paintings are really fantastic!!

  10. You are a very talented lady - love your paintings. The first one shows that is isn't really the materials - it's the lovely hands that create the art. Your are creative with needl, thread and yarn as well. Love that cute little bear

  11. the art and sewing....very pretty!! Love pink too!!

    Hugs Giggles


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